Responsive Design for Great Mobile Websites

The days of flashy websites with heavy graphics has passed and given way to content rich, easy to navigate websites ready for any platform. Nowadays it is very common for a user to search on a phone and later revisit the same pages on a tablet or traditional desktop. So website visitors need a common and intuitive way to get to the information they came for on any platform. This is called responsive design.

There are still needs to provide a robust user experience with intense graphics or a function packed mobile application. The art is to balance these strategically to maximize your service offerings. No one said it is easy, so start by understanding the benefits and downfalls of these possibly competing investments.


Affiliate Store Builder

If you are looking for a way to stand up sites fast that can present affiliate feeds for easy clickthrough and therefore easy product sale, you may have found your solution. We have created a source of code to copy and paste into one or more sites fast. After that it is 10 minutes away from operational presentation of your affiliate products. Set to work with many of the most popular affiliate solutions you can get the power of database driven searching of products. You can also combine feeds from multiple affiliate sources into a single storefront!

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Understand the Power of the Cloud

You can gaze at the clouds all day and not quite find what you are looking for. Cloud computing may be equally confusing, but that doesn't prevent you from taking full benefit. Whether a business needing a powerful environment to serve up feature rich online services or just trying to find an affordable way to store pictures and music without fearing that one day you will lose all of it, the cloud is here to stay!

Let us break down the many ways to benefit both for your business and when you are just relaxing at home. We explore how to leverage the cloud for real business savings and taking the plunge to Voice Over IP (VOIP) as well as more personal uses such as music in the cloud and protecting your photos in the cloud.

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