With the growing need to be visual on the web today, the typical photo gallery has seen numerous additional yet practical uses come about. Whether it be to actually show photos you wish to share or display your business portfolio photo gallery software can be cumbersome to say the least.

Especially for web projects you may be responsible for managing, today’s galleries are complex enough to require a programmer to install and configure. Beyond that reasonable expense to gain a visual aspect to your website, the learning curve to maintain your photo gallery is where the unnecessary cost and time are nothing less than a burden. In trying to minimize the effort to install and to maintain a gallery, we have customized an existing and simple photo gallery requiring no skills to maintain beyond uploading the photos themselves.

This is a sample display of what the end result will look like. The gallery code displays the columns and rows of boxes wherever in your website you wished it to be placed. Read below the demonstration photo for more particulars on expectations.

Sample page when first loaded (from www.tattales.com):
Simple Photo Gallery

Sample page with lightbox after selecting a thumbnail image:
Simple Photo Gallery Lightbox

Here are some of the things that are customizable:

  • The amount of columns are dependent on the overall width which is configurable via CSS
  • The size of the thumbnail is customizable by both width and height desired
  • The border colors surrounding the thumbnail is customizable via CSS
  • You simply choose a folder and file type(s) you wish to be displayed (the folder is crawled on the fly to show the image thumbnails)
  • Works in a traditional website or within WordPress or other content management systems (with php enabled)

Other things to consider are these:

  • The size of the larger lightboxed photo is simply the size of your upload (so that should be managed prior to uploading the photo)
  • Once the lightbox is generated, Next and Prev tabs are available to move through photos that way. A close button removes the lightbox and returns to the main gallery.
  • Many more things we are surely forgetting!

We can install the script within any site in a short turnaround time for a modest fee of about $75. From there you simply need to upload the photos to the specified directory. It can’t get any easier! There are no management logins and no complicated software to keep updated. For WordPress users we can even tie it to your Media uploads folder for an even easier way to upload files.

Bottom line, cheap and easy might just get you where you need to be to gain some visual flare to your website.