Please don’t spend a lot of money on your first go. By all means if you are a commercial entity and have a good idea and decent budget to work with, look for a customized site. However, if you are looking for a site to build the foundation for your web presence, start with something that will give you function and an interface that will make you feel comfortable in updating your site regularly.

Getting updated, fresh content to your site is the number one item that will help it grow. Spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on a graphically pleasing website will not give you what you need to begin.

From the beginning you should be concentrating on answering one question, “Is my idea able to be developed to reach my goals?” Your goals can be to earn money online or to get your views across to others. Either way, it is the “content is king!” mentality that will make your venture flourish.

We have a proven format that will get you started on the right track. Our designs are formatted to provide an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready website for keywords of your choosing. The structure provides individualized components, dynamically compiled to provide an easy to manage platform with little knowledge transfer.

If it is blogging you wish to do, we can set you up with a WordPress backend, a customized theme and away you go. However, if you are looking for a visually acceptable, yet information-rich website ready to get quickly indexed by the search engines, specifically Google, we have the answer.

You say dynamic, but I have heard static is best for search engines!

Misconception – please don’t confuse the coding lingo with the SEO lingo. We hear this all of the time. The answer is quite simple. Google and other search engines do prefer static pages in that they do not change based on searched criteria. In other words, your title doesn’t change to “Buy a Guitar – Hot Celebrity Photos” when “buy a guitar” were the search keywords and your site’s title is normally “Hot Celebrity Photos”. This tells Google you are falsifying the content of your site dynamically by inserting in variables to your existing content based on search criteria.

On the contrary, if menu items are dynamically derived from the file names of the pages in your web directory so you don’t have to maintain a flat file menu system, this is acceptable. It is acceptable because the menu names wouldn’t change every time the page is searched. It would only change when a new page was uploaded or file name was changed, and Google would want to know that info anyway!

What this does do is develop a system whereby managing your site is as easy as uploading new content. Here are some of the other features of our sites that make it easy to maintain.

File structure that allows for “one stop – entire site” updating:

  • Header, footer, leftside menu/ads, and rightside menu/ads files allow for single changes to be made that affect the entire site.
  • Affiliate include files allow for easy customization of affiliate ID information for live feeds such as Amazon and Ebay.
  • Single configuration file for easy maintenance of meta tags, Google Adsense colors, and main menu items

Dynamically created menu system

  • just upload a page and it will be added to the menu.

  • Its title is derived from the filename dynamically (e.g. best-internet-deals.php becomes “Best Internet Deals”)

Dynamically created Google XML Sitemap: with allowances to exclude certain files from being indexed from the sitemap

Reusable Website Format!

Just buy domains, copy the format, write the content.

Many of these websites have been created for clients and indexed immediately by Google. We will also show you how to use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. This will get you the most information about your visitors.

From there it is just a matter of playing with your content and individual pages to convert visitors into sales or newsletter signups.

In short, for minimal investment (starting at just $250) you can get into the game and give it a try. If your site takes off, you won’t be throwing away anything. Just modify your configuration files and your entire design can be changed with a few edits.

Contact us now and we will gladly explain in more detail over the phone.