Adsense is a great way to gain revenue from a blog or site you currently manage. Many or should I say “Most” are struggling to make a decent amount of money online. But there are those so called “guru’s” that are making hundreds of dollars a day of Adsense alone. What makes one webmaster different from the others? They think outside the box.

The ones who have done it all and have made the Adsense mistakes have provided some tips for even the newest Adsense learner.

Here are the 5 ways to increase Adsense earnings

1.) Focus on one Adsense Ad format. One that works really well with the vast majority is the Large Rectangle ‘336×280’. This format has a tendency of producing higher CTR (Click-through Rates). You may be asking why choose this format from the rest? To put it simply, your ads will look like normal web links. Most people are used to clicking on links like these, so they will be more inclined on clicking on your Adsense links. You may get people who intentionally click on the ad links and some that may not know that they’re clicking on an ad link. This is to your advantage.

2.) Take Adsense from the bottom of your pages to the top of your site. Put the Adsense Ads in a place where people see them quickly. Don’t try to hide the ads. You’ll find out that you’ll see great increases in your revenue just based on where you put your ads.

3.) Create a custom palette for your ads. Choose the colors that will go well with your site background. Try to make the Adsense Ads look apart of the page. Blend but don’t overdo it.

4.) Manage and maintain links to relevant websites. Put your ads on sites that you think are better off to increase revenue. Put Adsense above other ads. It’s proven that ads that are close to the top are more likely to produce better overall results.

5.) Try to automate the process of inserting the Adsense code into WebPages by using SSI, ‘server side included’. Try to find out by asking the web admin if your server supports SSI. You may be asking, How do I do it this way? All you have to do is save your Adsense code in a text file, save it as (Adsense text), then just upload it onto the root directory of the server. Then by using SSI, call the code on other pages. This tip alone will save massive amounts of time and energy. Great for those who are using automatic page generators to generate pages on their site.

These tips are from those that have tested and tested and have found just a few tips to name that worked wonders for them and hopefully will work wonders for you too. The key is to test and test some more.