The Key to Saving Your Adsense Account from Termination

With Google being the “Heavy Hitter” of search engines it is a must to keep in good standing with them. By doing things wrong with Adsense either intentionally or unintentionally, can lead to a very severe penalty. You may find yourself being banned / terminated from Adsense.

If you want any sort of career with Adsense you must first realize that while you may make money today quickly, it may cost you in the long run. So it’s best to know before you actually get involved.

1.) Page Cloaking. It’s a common practice of using bot/browser sniffers to serve the bots a different page other than the page the visitors see. Loading a page with a bot that a human user will not see is definitely a DON’T. This tricks them into clicking on something you want but they may not want to go to.

2.) Multiple Submissions. It involves submitting multiple copies of your domain/pages. It’s a practice that you should also stay away from because the penalty may be termination. This is a good reason to stay away from those auto submitters. The best thing to do is check first to see if your domain is submitted before you submit it again.

3.) Hidden Texts. It’s the practice of filling your page with text that’s too small for a human to read. Or it may be in the form of being the same color as the background on your webpage. Its sole purpose is to load them with content rich keywords. There are stiff penalties for this.

4.) PR (Page Rank) For Sale. Buying, selling, trading links are all fine. But when the sole purpose is to advertise your page rank, then it is against the rules.

5.) Link Farms. It is wise to be cautious to who and what you are linking to. Search engines realize that you may not be able to control who links to you, but you can certainly control who you link to. Search Engines, especially Google have never looked upon link farms as a good thing. A link higher than a hundred on a single page on your site will classify you as a link farm. Try and keep them lower then that hundred mark.

6.) Duplicate Content. Having the same content on multiple domains is considered completely useless by Google and other Search Engines. You can’t hide duplicate content or copy/paste content. By having this sort of repeat info you will not look very good in Google’s eyes.

The above techniques not only apply to Google, but many of the other Search Engines have the same or similar rules. Always keep in mind you are building your Adsense pages for Human Users not bots. If you stay away from the above mentioned things you can be sure that Google will look upon you in a positive light.