Choosing the right affiliate programs is crucial to getting paid on time and ultimately a successful online business. The following programs are the proven programs that have the top merchants and have a long history of ensuring accurate and efficient payouts. Good affiliate programs, like good marketing, also have good tracking.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is arguably the most popular affiliate management program available today. Their interface is easy to use and affiliate signup is very easy as well as the new partner search. Their user interface is very customizable which is why it is very popular, not necessarily the best, but easily the most popular. Both text links and banner ads are plentiful and code creation is very easy.

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Linkshare and been around ‘forever’ in this game. They have numerous partners as does Commission Junction. There new affiliate search is a bit limited in that it only matches your keyword search criteria to the actual name of the affiliate. With that aside, it is a good program with the second largest group of partners on the web. Both text links and banner ads are plentiful and code creation is very easy.

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Share-a-Sale is growing in popularity as a competitive affiliate program manager. They have a good mix on name brand and smaller company partners. The one thing that stands out with this program is the large number of affiliate partners with datafeeds.

If you have sites that have the ability to handle datafeeds either by importing them into a database or a simple CSV parser, you can produce integrated product selection within minutes. The ability to search out companies that provide datafeeds is very simple and a strong reason why this should be one of your affiliate management programs.

Share-a-Sale also provide status of the merchants. This is something the others just don’t show you. So if the merchant payment is late or they have low funds in their account, risking the program of suspension, you will see the red alert. This is crucial in protecting the valued ad space on your website.

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Kowabunga dude! You will see the word Kowabunga more than you care to when logged into Kolimbo, but it is a solid choice for adding new partnerships. The Kolimbo store option allows for easy creation of storefronts based on affiliate products. Signing up for new advertisers is a breeze but there still seems to be some fragmentation within their overall program.

Some advertisers have you login through the Kolimbo website whereas others have you go directly to their site. Not sure that this makes a difference, however some statistical data seems to fallout because of it. Our experience has shown that all clickthroughs are recorded correctly, however impressions don’t always seem to be calculated. Not the most important piece of data, but if you are just starting out it is something you might want to be accurate.

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Only one affiliate management program comes to mind if you are looking to sell ebooks on your site. ClickBank, by far, is the number one ebook resell program whether you are looking to promote your ebook or make big profits by selling others from your website. A very simple interface allows you to get statistics data and to search out new affiliations by keyword.

ClickBank ‘hops’ are recorded and displayed in very simple to understand reports. Profits are usually high as many ebooks offer 30-70% profits on the retail price of their offering.

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Performics is still a young program, but showing great growth and maturity. Performics is very responsive to requests and to general questions. Our experience with Performics has seen many merchants coming to Performics from Commission Junction and Linkshare. This shows they are doing something right.

Their interface is easy to use and allows for customizable link creation. If you are used to using the other programs it will take a little to get used to storing new links in the “Your Links” section, but a minor thing to overcome for such a solid program.

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Individual Sites

On some occasions, and especially with smaller sites, affiliation programs are self managed. Therefore, signing up and managing your links and profits are all done via the individual sites. This makes for a lot of things to remember if the number of these one-off programs grows, but sometimes pays as commissions are usually hire since they don’t have to pay the big guys a portion.

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Alternative Sites

If you need to run campaigns for advertising or wish to publish ads on your sites and your sites are related to alternative topics such as casino gambling, sports betting or more geared toward adult audiences, this alternative to Google Adsense may be what you are looking for.

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