Well, it has been several months since I first took the plunge and rid myself of the the analog line and moved strictly to VOIP service. I had considered it for years, but several little things kept me paying over $50 per month for analog service with unlimited long distance.

Not everything is interoperable with VOIP. Most things can work over the digital line, but items like fax machines, dial out modems for services like the proprietary DirecTV Tivo, and the like don’t really get along without outright modification or hours upon hours of tweaking. And don’t think you will get any friendly support from either your VOIP provider or DirecTV.

With all of that said, I won’t ever be going back! After a long search I chose VOIPo. VOIPo is backended by one of the largest hosting providers in the world, Hostgator. The founder of VOIPo is an ex-partner of Hostgator and therefore has a solid relationship with the backbone of his service. This is always important.

The service has been flawless and the support has been incredibly responsive via email (which is my preferred communication method). The features are too numerous to mention here, but it is everything anyone else offers plus ten! I especially enjoy the white-listing of allowed call in numbers and the managing of times the phone can ring at all. Being able to track incoming and outgoing calls is cool, but not something I sit back and review.

When traveling, the real bonuses kick in. Being able to forward to any number and being able to get emails of voice messages, keep me in touch when on the go and make things extremely flexible for family and friends in not having to hand out temporary numbers. Everything is configurable using an easy to navigate Internet portal. You can even request local numbers for family that may reside in other states so they don’t get dinged with long distance charges. However, that won’t be a problem for too long as you will find yourself recommending they all switch.

Are you ready for the real kicker? It is less than half of the other guys even with all of the features and optional additional numbers. Check it out for yourself.

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