When it comes to web design you can pay $10 or $10,000 and get the same quality website. IT Liberty specializes in bringing you quality web design projects on a budget. Most of the designs we construct are based on CSS stylesheet designs written in php with a mysql backend if needed. Since we have been creating websites for 10 years now, we can turn that experience into creating a suitable website design for your business efficiently, at a cost that will give you the warm and fuzzy that it was money well spent.

Upon initial consultation, we will provide you with several CSS templates to find a match for your expectations. At minimum, it provides a basis for discussion to pinpoint pluses and minuses of design that you are looking for or not looking for. From there we can provide examples of where we have taken it from there. Do not fear the word template, in many cases you cannot even recognize the final product from the original template. However, templates provide a good basis for font coordination and basic design functionality.

Then utilizing our php and mysql programming skillset, we will take your basic site into an interactive website tool. Whether its searchable information or authenticated backend for secure customer information retention. In many cases our designs become multifaceted meaning both a customer frontend and a business owner backend to manage your customers. This turns into hidden savings in the time and money it takes to do routine customer processing.

So give us a call today at 410-429-0075 or click here if you need a new website.

Or, if you decide to have go on your own, please check out our numerous pages that can help you along your way. We have designed many websites, but have also consulted on numerous projects. Much of this sound advice and knowledge can be found throughout our site absolutely free.

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